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Fixes all those errors that slow down your computer perfomance
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PCRx is a wizard-based optimization tool designed to locate and fix all possible errors, crashes, and unwanted files that usually slow down your computer performance down and take up a significant portion of your valuable disk space. It efficiently searches all areas, where it is possible to find all those useless files that waste space and make your system weep – CLSID, shared DLLs, startup programs, the unwanted remains from faulty uninstalls, app paths, etc. Thus, PCRx will repair your registry’s entries, will fix system errors, improve your system settings and will double-check your start-up programs to boost up your computer overall performance.

The whole scanning and cleaning process could not be simpler – its wizard will guide you through the different steps needed to complete the cleaning and fixing processes in a breeze, always keeping you informed about what the program has found, what steps should be taken, and their consequences. To make you feel even safer, the program can automatically back up your registry prior to any modification, making sure that, in case anything goes wrong, you can always return to the previous state.

As for the system speed-up utilities that PCRx can offer, these perform mainly four tasks – it tweaks your Internet access and Windows settings, increases your free memory, removes redundant and obsolete files. The first task will change the settings of both your Internet browser and your operating system to make them run more smoothly and efficiently, and therefore faster. The second and third tasks will get rid of all temporary files, old logs, memory dumps and old error reports it can put its eyes on, freeing up as much space as possible. These three operations alone would be enough to make your system happy, but PCRx can also help you make your system startup even happier just by removing from your startup menu all those unwanted tools that launch themselves without asking you first. That is the fourth task I mentioned.

The whole process comprises seven clear and easy steps. In fact, they are so easy that all you are required to do is a one-click operation at each step. And they are so clear that you will always know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you can expect from it - no complicated expert-only options, and no funny surprises. I must admit I have always felt somehow reluctant to believe that tools like PCRx can actually do something to improve my system performance. I always thought that removing a few files here and there and putting some the garbage out would never make my computer a less lazy machine. So I followed the seven steps, just seven clicks of my mouse and a few minutes of my time - and you know what? It DID work.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-based, clean and easy-to-operate interface
  • Checks a wide range of areas within your system in search of possible errors


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